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Nejstgaard & Vetlov, state authorized public accounting firm

Protection of your data is something we take seriously. As we daily handle personal data the following policy has been adopted.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov, state authorized public accounting firm, Gydevang 39-41, DK-3450 Allerød, cvr-no.: 12868693 is data responsible for all information collected on you and we make sure your personal data is handled in accordance with the laws regarding this. Any questions can be addressed to:

Handling of personal data

Personal data is all kind of information that can be related to you.

When you use this website, some information will be collected, stored and handled: When you enter the content on the website, if you register as recipient of our newsletter and all other use of services. We usually collect and handle the following types of data…

  • One unique ID and technical information on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP number, geographical location plus which pages you click on (interest).

Normally we collect the following personal data

  • Name, Address, E-mail Address, Telephone number

If you explicitly allow us, we can collect other data, typically when you sign up for newsletter or other services.


We use appropriate measures – technically and organizationally – to prevent your data from being, accidentally or illegally, deleted, published, lost, degraded or forwarded to unauthorized resources, hereunder misused or handled against legislation in any way.


Information is used to identify you in order to deliver the services requested, example newsletter. We also use the information to optimize our services and content.

Data mining

We only collect, handle and store the data mandatory to fulfill the decided purpose. Legislation can decide which type of data is mandatory for us to collect and store to run the firm. The type and amount of the data we handle might also be mandatory in order to fulfill a contract or other legal obligations.

Update of data

As our services are dependent on your data being correct, we kindly ask you to inform us on any changes as soon as they occur. You can use the contact e-mail above to inform us on changes and we will update them. If we become aware of incorrect data, we update them and inform you on update.

Data storage

Data is stored in the period agreed within legislation. Data is deleted, when it is no longer necessary. The keep period depends on the type of data and the reason for storing. Hence it is not possible to inform on when the data is deleted. See more under “Your rights”


Your consent to e.g. newsletter is voluntary. You can at any time change this by contacting us. Use contact e-mail above if you need more information.

Disclosure of information

Forwarding of personal data such as name, e-mail a.o. will only take place if you consent to this.

Your rights

You can always get information on what data we have stored on you, where they derive from and what we use them for. You can also get information on how long we expect to store your data, who receives/handles the data, and to which extent we forward data in Denmark and abroad.

On your request we will inform on the data we have on you. The access however can be limited for the sake of other persons’ personal data protection, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. You can use your rights by contacting us. Use contact e-mail above.

Should you find that the data we store on you are inaccurate you must contact us and inform on the exact inaccuracies and how they should be corrected.

In some cases, we have an obligation to delete your data. This applies e.g. if you withdraw a consent. If you think that your data no longer has a purpose in your agreement with us, you can ask us to delete them. You can also contact us if you think your data is being handled against legislation and other legal obligations.

If you disagree in our handling of your data you can file a complaint to Danish Data Protection Agency However, we would much more like to work together with you towards the situation where you feel safe around our handling and storing of your personal data.

When you contact us with a request on correction or deletion of your personal data, we investigate if the conditions are fulfilled and we then implement the corrections or deletions as soon as possible.

You have a right to oppose against our handling of your personal data. You can also oppose against us forwarding your data for marketing purposes. Use the contact E-mail above. If your opposition is justified, we make sure we stop handling your personal data.

You have the right to use data portability in the case where you want to use another data controller or data processor.

On our own initiative we delete your personal data when they are no longer mandatory for the purpose they were collected for.

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