Nejstgaard & Vetlov - a state authorized public accounting firm

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Nejstgaard & Vetlov is a state authorized public accounting firm, established in 1977. The company employs 16 on a daily basis. Our office is located in modern premises in Allerød near Copenhagen.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov works with: review/audit and preparation of financial statements, income statements, tax returns, financial advisory and tax consultancy plus bookkeeping for our clients.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov strives to meet the needs individual clients may have and thus we work with both small and large clients, covering the needs of the following groups:

  • Personal tax-returns
  • Self-employed
  • Foundations and associations
  • Companies (Class B and C companies)

Nejstgaard & Vetlov is member of FSR – Danish Auditors in Denmark.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov is a member of RevisorGruppen Danmark (The RGD group), a nation-wide association of approximately 25 state authorized public accounting firms. The Group employs approximately 1500 employees in total, including app. 265 state authorized accountants.

The company is furthermore a member of EuraAudit International, an international association of independent accounting firms – placed all over the world.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov also has a close co-work with highly esteemed tax and law firms in order to execute turnkey solutions for our clients.

We are always available for an informal meeting to assess whether the current economic conditions can be considered optimal for both yourself and/or your company.

Nejstgaard & Vetlov, Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab
Gydevang 39-41
DK-3450 Allerød

International Contacts Henrik Broe –

Phone: +45 4817 5777
Fax: +45 4817 2218

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